Dirty Little Habits

We all have some dirty habit that needs to change or stop altogether.  These habits can become a stumbling block in our lives or the lives of others around us. 

Tonight, I was able to hear what the Lord had laid on someone’s heart and as this person expressed what was given to them, I felt the Lord was revealing something to me through it. You see, I feel my prayer life isn’t where it should be, and this is one of the struggles that I have and I am being open with you about it.  I understand it is not how long you pray, but deep inside me, there is a feeling that I need to do more.  We are saved by grace and there is nothing I can do to receive His grace or salvation, it is a gift from God…But I also know I have to want to be with the Lord.

Choose this day whom you will serve… Joshua 24:15

There needs to be an effort in everything that we do.  This includes relationships.  I am married, but being married is work.  I need to listen to my husband to understand his heart, I also have to be willing to surrender some things, such as my time to spend time with him, this is the same with our relationship with God.

The bible talks about trees and sometimes refers us to trees.  Pruning is an important part of the regular maintenance of trees.  Taking off dead limbs of trees helps the tree to produce more flowers and fruits, it improves the health of the tree and helps the tree to grow strong.

The Lord is always doing pruning in our lives.

He is cutting off dead things in our lives so we can flourish more in Him and produce good fruit.  Pruning doesn’t take much work, (unless it is a really big tree) but it is time-consuming.  A little snip here, a little snip there. 

I have a tree in front of our house that is dying…we don’t have a green thumb.  Last year, we put mulch around the tree.  Mulch is good for trees, it helps the tree to produce fruit, keeps the soil moist, and helps the tree to grow strong, but the tree was looking very dry and brittle. My husband found out the tree was suffocating because we had too much mulch around the roots of the tree.  Thankfully, we can remove the mulch and the tree will be fine.  But what happens if there is a problem with the roots?

Healthy roots are required to have a healthy tree that will produce fruit.  No matter how much pruning is done to a tree that is dead at the root, the tree is dead, it will not produce fruit.

Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. – Matthew 7:19

The Lord showed me some habits we have are deep in the ground like roots.  These habits are affecting our whole lives and it is preventing us from bearing fruit.  Sometimes to keep these habits, we sugar coat it with “good” things like mulch.  But as we read earlier, because it has good benefits it doesn’t mean it is supporting our lives correctly and could be really causing us more harm than good. 

I know God is speaking to me through this.  I have some habits that I need to change so I can spend the extra time with the Lord that I want in prayer.  I will need to put some things aside, which are good things, but shouldn’t be my first priority.

I am thankful God reveals these things to us so we can change our mindsets and walk in the victory He has for us.


Lord, You have revealed there are things that I need to change in my life so my focus can be on You again.  If my eyes remain on You, everything else will line up according to Your perfect will for me.  Help me to let go of these habits so I can live in Your total freedom.  I want more of You.

In Jesus Name, Amen

9 thoughts on “Dirty Little Habits”

  1. This is so true! We do need to put effort in our relationship with the Lord. And we need to be on the lookout for anything that is hindering our time with Him. We need to seek Him and His kingdom first. Sometimes with what the Lord speaks to someone else, He also uses it to speak to our hearts as well. We say we surrender to Him but how much do we seek Him in every day situations. With our spouse we don’t just make decisions and tell them about it whenever we can. We include them in everything we do and foster the relationship. Some how because we cant physically see God we treat the relationship different. When in fact every relationship we have should flow from our relationship and connection with Him. It’s hard for us to be led by the Spirit and to walk according to His Spirit if we are not spending that time. So this is so true


    1. Wow. Thanks for the comment. You had my eyes watery in tears. It is true we don’t make decisions and tell our spouses about it after. And when it does happen it hurts. Lord, help me to change my attitude! That goes for the whole body of Christ.

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  2. Amen! Yes! May He continue to do the pruning that needs to be done in us and may we be more intentional about our relationship with Him!🤍🦋


  3. Thank you for sharing this. Thank you for reminding us of the importance of pruning and continual surrender to Christ.


  4. Thank you for your transparency in this!! It’s definitely such a great reminder that we need to be asking the Lord Jesus to show us what needs to be trimmed off in order to be spiritually healthy. Being intentional about our time with the Lord, must be worked at. My husband and I were just having a conversation about being more intentional with our couple’s devotional, in the first hour of our morning.


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