What Has Taken Your Heart Away?

Ever see a couple having fun, holding hands, kissing as they walk down the beach. Many would say, they must be newly-weds.

Newly-weds are not hard to recognize because they are so in love nothing in the world seems to bother them.

After a few years of marriage, the family starts to grow, and now there are children. Work starts to get busy and bills start to increase so longer hours at work are required to support this growing family.

The sting of the first love might start to dwindle if there isn’t an effort put into it.

This post is not about marriages, but it is a continuation of idols.
In my last post, Do You Have Idols Hiding In Your Life? we looked at what is an idol and why we have idols. If you haven’t read that post yet, I recommend you head there first.

Many divorces happen because something or someone new crawls into one’s life. It’s kinda like a toy a child gets. It’s very interesting for a few months…then it gets old.

The child sees something new and that has taken his heart away from the old toy.

What Has Taken Your Heart Away From God?

This also happens in our lives with God. At first, we are so in love with God that we want to read the scriptures and sing and worship all day long.

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I remember wanting to read the bible with every chance I got to the point I would read it even while I was working.

I would never miss a church service. Bible study? Yup, I was there.

Well, just like we work on our marriage, partnership, with our spouse, we also need to work on your relationship with God.

This is how we get idols.

We find something new and we cling to that. And these things can be soooo sneaky.

How to identify an idol?

1) It starts to take up a lot of your time.
2) It gives you greater joy than God
3) You read about it a lot
4) You spend a lot of time talking about it
5) You spend a lot of money on it
6) You are afraid to live without it
7) You disobey God for it

I Have An Idol, Now What Do I Do?

God has given us the Holy Spirit which is the revealer of all things. He has been given to us to help us walk with God.

Many times the Holy Spirit will reveal these idols to us sometimes through friends, family, or directly to you.

When you realize you have an idol, it can be pretty heartbreaking. But God, in His love, has provided a way back for you.

The first thing you want to do is repent. Which means to see your error and turn away from it. Turn to God and ask for forgiveness.

You may have to change your lifestyle to get rid of the idol, but God will help you through it.

I want to let you know you are not alone in this. Many of us have had idols in our lives, and some still do…it’s all apart of growing in Christ.

I would like to hear from you, comment below if you ever had an idol in your life and let me know how you overcame it.

Until next time…Take care and God bless.

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1 thought on “What Has Taken Your Heart Away?”

  1. A really important message! As you said idols can be so sneaky, we will often even deny how attached to it we are because we don’t even realize. It is definjte important to examine ourselves and remove any idols we may have!

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