Have you ever felt rejected?

I have and it hurts.

Rejection can come from people, or situations. But it hurts most when it comes from someone close.

I worked for a company for many years. I moved up a few times in the company until I got a senior position.

After working for a company for many year or even months it becomes a home away from home.

You see the same people everyday at the same time. Lunch time is like recess as you get to go outside to grab a meal to eat with your friends.

Well, one day the company shut down. And that wasn’t the hardest part.

You see, I created the manuals for my department, and trained some new staff to find out later, these people were taking our jobs and shutting us down.

Even though we all expected this was going to happen, it still hurt.

I came home and didn’t have much to say. My husband asked me if I was ok. And as the brave wife that didn’t want to show my emotions, I responded, “yup”.

But deep down inside there was a feeling there. A feeling that I recognized before. It was a feeling of rejection.

I’m not a stranger to rejection. Rejection has been in my life since I was a kid.

I believe we all go through rejection. But it’s what we do with it that what matters.

I had to decide I wasn’t going to let this hold me down but I needed to pick myself up and keep going.

What Does Rejection Do?

Rejection wants you to shrivel up and die.

When I think about the word rejection, I think of a car that comes to a sudden stop and the person in the car flies out the car.

Forgive me for the graphic description but I want to be honest.

The person was rejected out the car. And that’s how rejection feels, like we have been thrown out.

Rejection wants to make you feel like you are not enough and will never be enough.

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When you feel like you are not enough you will start to reject the love and compassion from others and from God.

It wants to separate you from other people.

I didn’t want to talk to my husband because i didn’t want to expose him to my feelings. I was shutting him out.

That was my pride but it was also because I thought I was being silly for feeling rejected.

Rejection is the opposite of acceptance.

Why Do We Struggle With Rejection?

The reason why rejection is so deadly is because it wants to take away who you are and your purpose from you.

You see, if we know that we know, our identity is in Christ Jesus, we won’t struggle with rejection.

We struggle with rejection because we have placed our identity in something else.

So when that something else doesn’t work out the way we want, we feel rejected.

Basing our identity in Jesus will guarantee no rejection because He hasn’t rejected us.

How To Deal With Rejection?

First off, acknowledge it. There’s no need to hide what you feel. Be honest with yourself, this will help you to heal.

Rejection didn’t come from God. It is from the enemy, and as we continue to ignore it, it will run havoc in our lives.

Secondly, know with your mind that you are accepted. At the moment it doesn’t feel like you are accepted. But we have to live by the facts of the bible.

Start to read the Word of God over yourself. Declare His word over your life.

The Word of God is so powerful and life and death are in the tongue. So speak life.

Trust in God. The reason why we feel rejected is because we have put our trust in people.

People are people. So people will fail us. But God will never let you down.

I trusted my workplace had my best interest in mind. But they did what they thought was best for them.

I’m not mad at that.

But I have to trust God has my best interest in mind and even when one door closes, another one will open up, and it did.

That goes to my next tip, don’t take it personally. We don’t know what’s in the mind of others.

Sometimes the person didn’t mean to hurt you. They are doing what they believe is best for themselves. So don’t take it personally.

Also, understand it might not be God’s timing for you.

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There is a time and season for everything.

Next tip, try again. As I said before, don’t let rejection drag you down. If you know this is what God wants for you, try again.

Remember you are not alone in this. Jesus was rejected many times and if He was rejected we can only expect the same.

9 thoughts on “Rejection”

  1. Yes! This is powerful! We are not rejected by God. You are so right we need to speak the truth of the word over ourselves in order to dispel the lies. We are not rejected, we are accepted. I read a book by an author named Lysa one day and she said something I found super helpful she said we are not setaside, God is setting us apart for whatever He has planned for us.

    You are 100% right that if we are not careful the fear of rejection will cause us to reject others who truly care for us. Great post and awesome encouragement.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. -this is a message for everyone because all of us have been rejected at some point in our lives. Even Jesus was rejected, and he is the Savior of the world. I like the action points at the end.

    Liked by 1 person

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