I Heard God Speak, Then I Was Freed

I’m not sure that I believed in transformation, I mean the thought of people literally transforming and becoming a totally different person, didn’t seem likely to me. That is, until it happened to me.

When most people see me today and then hear a bit about my past they often remark, ‘I would have never guessed’,

And that my friend is the transforming power of Jesus Christ!

I mean, I have been blessed, I am a married mother of two, a college graduate, a former leader of the children’s ministry in one church, and a leader of the homeless ministry in another church, so I get it.. most people wonder what is the worst thing that I could have possibly done?

Truth be told, things were not always this way for me… not even close!

I remember being 17 and proudly declaring “I am going to be smoking weed until I am old and grey!” But not only did I smoke weed, I also sold it.

Yup, that was me! A common hoodlum drug dealer. Selling marijuana most days and crack cocaine on others. Hanging around with gun toting hardened drug dealers twice my age and being full convinced that I was living ‘the life’.

I remember being told by a police officer at the age of 15 years old that I would be in prison by the age of 25, and to be honest, without God’s intervention that is exactly where I would be.

That or the morgue.

As days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months I dove deeper and deeper into crime and sin, as danger lurked at every corner. I went from dealing simple dime bags to bigger and bigger drug transactions.

From drug transactions to crutching and from crutching to committing white collar crimes such as fraud swindling innocent victims out of thousands of dollars.

As my sins began to mount up, I just knew that there was no way out… I was in too deep and there was no turning back for me.  I had got myself into this mess and now I was stuck.

Or so I thought.

At each close death experiences, two being near escapes from being involved in gun violence and one car accident on a busy freeway walking away with not even a scratch, I chalked it all up to luck, close calls but luck nonetheless.

But now I know that it was God’s protection. The more I tried to deny His presence and tried to look within myself for strength is the more that God showed me just how small I really was.

After losing my virginity by force at the age of 15 I spiraled down to having volatile relationships with men and a very jaded perception of love. There was no such thing as love, I surmised, it was just lust with a hint of convenience.

Until One day I met a man who was totally different than any guy I had ever met, and to me that was a complete turn off. He wasn’t a drug dealer or a gangster but rather a hard working student trying to work his way through school. He asked me weird questions such as ‘how was your day today?’ YUCK!

And get this, instead of hanging out and drinking and smoking all day he actually wanted to take me out on something he called a date?!?!. Raised as a Christian this man showed me what true love was. His mom re-introduced me to God and starting bringing me to church with her.

Although I took it as just an opportunity to get closer to this mystery man through his mom, I cannot deny that I was taking in a lot of what was being said from the pulpit.

Still I struggled to let go of my past life and started to develop a hidden alcohol addiction.Yes! The old Michelle had not quite lost her touch yet…

That was until that day, the day of intervention.

The day my life changed

One day after coming home from church I did my usual thing of rolling a joint to smoke. As I began to smoke the joint I felt led to the washroom and an increasing urgency to throw away all of the marijuana that I had left.

I went into the bedroom and began to hear God speak to me for the first time in my life. Yes, God! He began to speak and brought me on a visual journey of different times in my life. I saw that all of that ‘luck’ was actually His protection.

He showed me that He had been with me the whole time and had even loved me, even when I thought I was completely unlovable. I felt overwhelmed by His love. I began to weep and speak in a language that I had never heard before. I instantly got up and threw all of the marijuana I had away.

That was over 9 years ago and I have never smoked nor looked back to my previous life since that day.  I had attended church and heard all the sermons there was to hear,

But it was an individual intimate experience with the Creator of the heavens of the earth that changed my life.

Many thought I wouldn’t be where I am today, and to be honest I didn’t either. And I do not deserve His love or His grace or His forgiveness. But it was His unconditional love and grace that changed my life forever that day.

Whatever you have done, wherever you have been there is nothing you can do to separate yourself from the love of God. He is waiting for you to return to Him and He has great plans for you!

This is my story, and yours may be different but God’s love is constant and persistent and is pursuing you today.

Below is Michelle’s testimony that was showcased on CBN.

By Michelle Glasgow – The Weight of Thingz

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy-S-wbCZZeTGzH6XctXJjA

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theweightofthingz

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theweightofthingz/

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