Are You In The Right Position For This Fight?

Photo by Emma Bauso

Where do I fit in with the fight? It is one of the questions I get lately. Everyone wants to participate in the movement that is shaking the world right now, wanting to know what can they do to help. Some have said, “I don’t know what to do or say.” Those are the ones I want to talk to today.

Football is one of America’s favourite sports. When playing football you have different positions, offensive players and defensive players with different strengths.

Quarterback – Are considered the field general. He needs to be able to throw the ball with power and accuracy.
Running Back and Fullback – Are usually quick runners. The Fullback also has to be very strong.
Defensive lines – Are usually big and strong
Linebackers – Are usually strong and fast

To start the game, everyone knows their position. The running back is supposed to take the ball and run it up the field, while the defensive line is supposed to block and tackle those carrying the ball. The running back doesn’t take over the defensive line position or vice versa. That would just cause chaos. As you could imagine???

Many of us are familiar with these positions even those that don’t play or watch football too much. In most movies, the lead star is usually the quarterback, the field general…cause everyone wants to be the general…

But there are also positions which can be underrated…such as the Tight End. The tight end is not a primary scoring position, their primary goal is to block rather than score. We tend to overlook these important positions.

The same in the spirit as the physical. Some of us are called to pray. Yup, pray. It doesn’t seem like it is such a glorious position when everyone else is on the field playing, but this position is super important.

I am calling out all intercessors!!!

Intercessors or Prayer Warriors are one of the most overlooked positions in the body of Christ. You see, when intercessors are praying you are not only blocking curses and the attacks of the enemy but also calling things into existence. You are seeking God for direction to know what is the next strategy to play on the field. You are praying for safety, healing, deliverance and asking God to send His mighty angels to go forth.

And you thought you weren’t doing anything…

…The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results. – James 5:16

In Exodus 17, while Joshua led the people of God in the battle against the Amalek, Moses, Aaron and Hur stood on top of the hill. A hill/mountain can represent a place of prayer. Jesus would often go up to the mountains to pray to the Father. With Moses hands up, the Israelites were winning the battle, and when they came down they would lose. Aaron and Hur, (Aaron, the high priest and Hur from the Tribe Judah, representing prayer and praise), held up the leader’s arm as he sat under the rock, Jesus Christ. This is what intercessors do! We pray and praise the Lord during the battle.

We are not all called to be on the field, especially at the same time. Everyone needs to find their position in the game and stay in their position. If you are called to just pray, don’t be ashamed in this wonderful position God has given to you. You are doing more than you realize and more than others realize as well. Your position is critical.

Continue to pray and praise God during this time, we need you.

31 thoughts on “Are You In The Right Position For This Fight?”

  1. Yes everyone has their position that is just as vital to the fight as the rest. If we all play the same role other vital positions will be left open and exposed. Great points 🙌

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  2. The arm, leg and eye are very important parts of our body, without them moving and seeing is hard or impossible……however there are parts of our body playing a role that we do NOT see on the outside such as the heart and brain etc. Yet without those unseen parts functioning at full capacity the outer body parts either don’t function at all or don’t function as it should.
    We must never think lowly of those playing a role where they are not front and center…..all parts are needed and crucial.
    Thank you for this! 🤍🦋


  3. This is a great piece! I love your sports comparison, how all positions are important even if they aren’t as big as others. Thank you! Xo


  4. I love this beautiful post! God has been leading me to speak less and listen more during this time. Our prayers are super powerful and move the heart of God. Bless you sweet sister … ❤


  5. I think your post will stay with me forever! Surely it was inspiration from the Holy Spirit. The way you embedded the lesson in the ordinary understanding of a sport will help all of us to learn this lesson and stand firm on its call. Thank you! This was incredible!

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  6. Sometimes we can feel powerless in times of trouble and turmoil. You raise a wonderful point! You remind me that our battle is not against flesh and blood, but spiritual forces in this present darkness. Thanks, Elizabeth, for this call to be prayer warriors.

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  7. Great post! Intercessors are in one of the most important positions – our battles must be fought in the spiritual, not the natural. When we pray for God’s will to be done – he will see about HOW it manifests in the natural. Especially during this season of global shaking, we must be in the place of prayer more than ever.

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  8. I believe in the power of intercessors! Long before I surrendered to Jesus, I had loved ones praying for my salvation. I’m now praying for loved ones, especially my parents.

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  9. This is right on! As long as we’re aligning ourselves with God, whatever we’re called to do is valuable. Thanks for this encouragement to keep going in our unique role in fighting injustice.

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