How To Hear God’s Voice – Why Isn’t God Speaking to Me?

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One of the most critical things in a Christian’s walk is how to hear God’s voice.

Many times my kids have come into the room and starting speaking to me while I am working. I’m trying to get my work completed but the kids have a dying need as well. “Ok, speak, I’m listening,” is my quick response. By the time they had finished what they were saying and I finally completed my task, I look at them and say, “sorry, can you say that again?” Yup, I wasn’t listening.

In a previous blog, “Is It As You Truly Perceive?” we discussed seeing in the spiritual, today we will discuss, hearing in the spiritual in a two-part series, How To Hear God’s Voice?

Does God Speak Today?

Yes, He absolutely does. Not only does He speak, but He expects us to listen.

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. – John 10:27

Listening and hearing are two separate things. I can hear you but may not be listening to you. That’s because hearing comes naturally, while listening takes effort. Yup, listening is work!

To know the needs of my children, husband, boss, I need to listen to what they are saying.

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Well, the same with God. We need to be listening to what He is saying.

So Why Are We Struggling To Hear God’s Voice?

This can be many things, but we are going to talk about “The Clog”.

I want you to picture your sink for a minute. If not careful things can end up in the drain and it gets backed up. Now you have a problem, water can’t go down, so you have to get something to unclog the sink.

We need to be open vessels for God to pour into us. Clogs will block the movement of God making it difficult to hear.

Why won’t God speak to me?

4 Things That Block You From Hearing God

1) Mistrust – The quick response we want to say is, I trust God! But take some time to really think about it. Trust operates with faith. The Kingdom of God is all about faith. You can’t even be in the Kingdom of God without it. We need to trust the Word of God is the absolute truth, which says He speaks to His sheep.

2) Busyness of Life – I get it! We all have so many things to do. Do you know God can speak to you during your day to day task? We will talk more about this in my next blog. To hear him, we need to just listen.

3) Rejection – Feeling we don’t deserve to hear from God. This includes feeling you did something so God is not speaking to you. Many have said sin is preventing you hear from God…well…I don’t agree with that. Jesus spoke to many sinners, and his response was to turn from what you are doing. There are many people in the bible God spoke to after they sinned.

4) Stubbornness – Yes, stubbornness. We can be set in our own ways sometimes that we chose not to listen. As we continue to do this we sear our very own hearts that as He is speaking to us, we no longer hear Him.

Do you relate to any of these? This is not the end-all for you if you do. God is merciful. You took the first step by admitting it, now you just have to chose to stop doing it and ask God for forgiveness. In my next blog, we will talk about how to hear from God, so stay tuned!

If this was helpful let me know in the comments below.

26 thoughts on “How To Hear God’s Voice – Why Isn’t God Speaking to Me?”

  1. This definitely was helpful and oddly enough so related to a youtube series and blog post that I have in the works… CONFIRMATION!! You are right, oftentimes we say we have faith and we say we trust God but when the trials of life come about we quickly see that our level of faith and trust was probably not where we thought it was. I really love the clogged sink analogy. We really need to pray about those 4 things so that we can ‘unclog’ our relationship with God so that He can freely move through us!

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  2. I most definitely agree with the first one that you mentioned! Oftentimes, I might hear something that is from God, but then I brush it off to the side as ‘just my own thoughts’ when in reality, it is due to the lack of faith that He actually does speak to us in the little ways!

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  3. I thought ‘sin’ was going to be one of these… It was refreshing to see ‘rejection’ in its place, u r spot on. Thank you for this. Look forward to reading your next one 😊

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  4. Whew! Yes to this. Listening to God’s voice is so needed, but we have to truly open to hear exactly what He is trying to tell us. Rushing/busyness is definitely my biggest block. I hope to slow down as much as possible going forward so I don’t miss what He is telling me.

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  5. Yes, I can relate to busyness as a reason that takes me away from listening for God. I have to be very purposeful about taking time to meditate on his word. Memorizing scripture has been a great new way for me to take the time to dwell on his Word and that usually leads me to prayer.


  6. I have a book on my shelf that I have yet to open and read. It is titled: “Hearing the Voice of the Lord – Principles and Patterns of personal revelation” By Gerald N. Lund (LDS Author). In our chaotic and hurried state, we typically pray and do not take time to sit in silence and meditate. Sometimes, we get impatient waiting on the Lord to respond and wonder why he is so absent.

    Hearing God’s voice, as you shared, means we have to remove those things that clog our “spiritual ears” and learn to “tune into the Spirit”.

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  7. I love how you relate our ability to hear God to a sink that is clogged and not able to drain properly. Very true! We must constantly stay connected to Him through prayer and Bible study. I’ve noticed that when I fall away from faithfully doing these that life gets more complicated and I get more confused. Thank you for sharing this helpful reminder!

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  8. Such a beautiful post Elizabeth! I know with me, when I let pride in or get angry about something, I can’t hear Jesus at all. It’s such an awful place to be that I work hard to capture my thoughts for Christ now. Thank you for your sweet encouragement…

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